Physician VIP Day

Ready for a one-day experience that will

transform the paradigm of your career?

Physician VIP Day

Ready for a one-day experience that

will transform the paradigm of your career?

Physician VIP Day

Ready for a one-day experience that will transform the paradigm of your career?

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they're fed up with feeling burnt out in their lives and careers and need proven strategies to combat physician burnout.

VIP Days

If time is of the essence, embark on a one-day experience that will transform the paradigm of your career. Whether you’re faced with a critical decision or need to make a significant change quickly, VIP Days are completely personalized to help you make the most progress in a very short amount of time.

What is a VIP Day?

Think of the VIP Day as a reset button: through a completely individualized program designed for your exact needs, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to put ineffective patterns behind you and quickly set yourself on the right path going forward. Whether you’re facing a dilemma and need to make decisions fast, struggling with physician burnout, or need to rapidly develop your leadership skills, we’ll create breakthrough and momentum through an intensive day of re-alignment. You’ll leapfrog forward, thanks to an intensive full day of coaching in a relaxing environment, at just the right pace for you.

We’ve all spent way too much time at courses and conferences where we leave without practical action steps. You’ll leave this day knowing that it’s the most productive day you’ve had in a very long time.

Sessions can be in person in my Boston office or will be workable via Skype or FaceTime.

Jumpstart your path towards transformation by booking a FREE 30-minute consultation to schedule your own VIP Day.

The benefits of a VIP Day

Unlike traditional workshops or coaching programs, the VIP Day is perfectly designed for busy professionals who want to jumpstart change quickly. Regardless of the nature of the challenge you face, something is holding you back from breaking through and achieving your goals. Gain a sense of clarity for what you want to achieve and put in place building blocks to get to where you want to be.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this intensive program:

  • Gaining authentic leadership skills—running effective meetings, prioritizing your time, managing conflict, leaving procrastination behind
  • Overcoming self-doubt and the Imposter Syndrome
  • Using tools and strategies to surmount the challenges of completing documentation
  • Showing the empathy you need to improve patient satisfaction scores
  • Implementing resilience and mindfulness strategies to bring calm to your busy days

FREE 30-minute consult

Half hour with Dr. Gazelle

Not sure where to start? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation to start the process by identifying what’s holding you back and opening yourself up to opportunities for mindfulness, enhanced productivity, and a greater sense of purpose.