Coaching can help with a number of issues physicians and physician leaders commonly face. Here are some of the top ones:

• You feel stuck somewhere in your life and/or career and you need help figuring out and taking the next steps
• There’s a gap in skills, confidence, or resources needed to achieve professional success—as defined by you
• You have been told that you would benefit from coaching
• Loss of sense of purpose
• You want to advance your career and you’re not sure how to do so
• Anger, detachment, or other signs of burnout
• Assistance with negotiating terms of employment
• You are successful, but success is problematic or scary, or comes with unwanted expectations
• Improved work-life balance
• You want to enhance your emotional awareness and intelligence
• Identification of your core strengths and how best to leverage them in all areas of your life

Physician coaching provides a supportive and non-judgmental ally to assist you in overcoming whatever challenges you face. Give it a try… you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.